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My work is about Going Beyond which means going past where I am, where I am comfortable and in the knowing. Going Beyond has no boundaries or restrictions and the possibilities are endless. It is the realm of intuition, imagination, and pure creation. Color is the tool I use to break down these boundaries, to move beyond my comfort zone.


“Color and I have been on a long journey together, beginning when I was a child and filling in my coloring books with bright rainbow hues. The seemingly infinite choices on my palette continue to feed my mind, body, and soul. Color and I are eavesdropping on the universe to capture the essence of joy and peace."


On the Easel

Take a peek at work in progress. There can be 4-5 at a time in various stages of discovery.  Dramatic changes can occur within seconds!

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Enjoy many paintings professionally scanned and printed reproductions available on ready to hang gallery wrap canvas or paper.

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Classes invite you to be inspired, expand your artistic skills, and stimulate your imagination and creativity.

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