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Workshops 2024

78 Tara Funk Grim Tutti Frutt Palms Acrylic & Collage SRGB.jpg
March 26,27, 28
 Creative Abstract & Collage Painting Workshop

Marco Island Center for the Arts

1010 Winterberry Dr,

Marco Island, FL

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This workshop is designed to strengthen your voice by clarifying your thoughts, ideas, interests and feelings and guide them into powerful visual statements. We begin the painting working with shapes, sizes, and a sense of balance and visit the effects of initial decisions from layout to completion. The magic in the approach of Beyond Alla Prima is that spontaneity, exploration and discovery are a part of the process. Surprises and new ideas become part of the image as you proceed to layer and integrate collage and papers and acrylic and respond to the materials with experience, intuition, and improvisation.

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