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Going Back to Move Forward

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Sometimes things in the past can be recreated into something new, more amazing than ever! I am wondering, at this very second, if that is so with relationships and other human connections!!! I don't know but I do know that it can be done with paintings!

For some reason, I have been going back to previously considered finished paintings bringing both the painting and myself to a different level of understanding and meaning. Magically, the paintings seem to communicate and clarify my feelings in a visual unintended form.

The Earth Sprang Forth

moved into

Dancing in the Daylight

The Journey

30 x 40

took me to

Daybreak - Shine Your Light

30 x 40

You might wonder why is she doing this and how is it done. Why is get to the another place and level of wonder!!! How? I cannot tell you how much courage and jump into the abyss it is to dive off the high dive knowing it's too late to turn back. At that moment, the stark realization that another journey with this painting has begun and it's probably not going to be easy or quick.

The reward.......may take a while to sink in but it is the amazement of what has appeared. The transference of an emotion, feeling or thought made visual not by deliberate intention but by one brush stoke at a time based on experience, knowledge and mostly intuition and a great deal of faith. The pieces woven together to magically create meaning.

The Joy of Yellow

36 x 36

Fading Memories

36x 36

Ah, you might be thinking....... those paintings really weren't finished or even said anything anyway and needed to go further..... ah yes, can that also be said of human connections and relationships!!!! Always wondering!!!!!! complete the last entry...these are the finished paintings that are described in below entry!

Reinventing the Still Life

Giverny Memories


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